This yerba mate cup is one of our brightest and most in demand. The interior is made of glass while the exterior is wrapped with a colorful decorative vegan leather.

This is a glass mate. It has a gorgeous and colorful cover that is hand washable. Be careful not to put in dishwasher as it will shrink. Glass mates will last years with good care. They are reusable and hygienic.

This is a great gift for anyone you know who loves butterflies. We can pair it with a canister, or wrap it individually. Feel free to hand wash with soap and warm water for years of use. Really fun and bold colors cover the glass yerba mates.

These glass mate cups are used for drinking yerba mate. SoulMate is an amazing drink that's benefits are scientifically backed. It has many phytochemicals such as polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, and caffeoyl derivatives that make it a beneficial antioxidant. Research suggests that mate extract may reduce oxidative stress that increases the risk of damage to liver and heart. It also reduces the nitrosative stress that may cause DNA damage, cell death, and lipid peroxidation. As compared to green tea, yerba mate is more effective in preventing cytotoxicity associated with blood flow restriction heart disorders such as stroke, etc.

Be unique with our glass maté! These adorable cups (also called matés in Argentina) are perfect for drinking Yerba maté.

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Butterfly Glass Mate Cup

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