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If you are a beginner, start with the basics. This is a great package for you to start with or give as a gift. Each "set" comes with a gourd, bombilla and yerba mate.

Gourd Set - regular gourd, slotted bombilla and ORIGINAL Yerba Mate Blend

Glass Set - Glass Mate cup, slotted bombilla and ORIGINAL Yerba Mate Blend

Thermal Set - metal thermal cup, slotted bombilla and ORIGINAL Yerba Mate Blend

Deluxe - Gourd with copper details, spiral bombilla and APPLE Yerba Mate Blend

1. Mate gourd or cup

2. Bombilla or metallic strainer straw

3.  yerba

These are the main items you need for the yerba mate "ritual." Getting this set is the easiest way to begin.  These three components are the pillars. It will also make an amazing gift.

The yerba mate daily ritual helps you create a connection to yourself and the connection to others.

This set is perfect for new timers, anyone that wants to "switch it up" or needs a great gift for someone else.

Set is complete with:

  • Your choice of 1 Gourd, metal or 1 Glass "mate" Cup
  • 1 bombilla
  • 4 oz "original" Blend Yerba Loose Leaf

-If you choose the "glass mate" option, we will send you one of our decorated mate glass cups with a design. These are all different and we get new ones in all the time. You are welcome to make a request from any of the designs on the site, and we can let you know if we have it!

-If you choose a "gourd mate," pick from the colors black, caramel, green or red. You will need to send us a note in the instructions or through email.

-If you choose "metallic thermal" you can pick from black, red, blue, purple or pink. We will be able to send you what is currently in stock and do our best to fulfill your request.

Great for gifts both for teens and adults!  Beautifully wrapped in a clear cellophane bag and tied with a coordinating authentic leather wrap - you can even use this for a necklace or bracelet too!

SoulMate believes in being authentic. These beautiful cups have been made from an actual gourd. The exteriors have been hand painted and the interiors have been scraped and dried out for use with a bombilla and Yerba mate. These natural gourds are the way Yerba mate was used by the indigenous Indians that first discovered the miraculous properties of Yerba mate. The colors of these gourds have a depth and change with the different characteristics of the gourd. They give a natural and authentic feel to the experience of drinking mate.

You can also choose to get the set with a glass mate cup. The glass cup has the advantage of being washable with soap and is a bit heartier than the gourds. The decorative, and brightly colored designs give you a bit of style for your ritual. Please do not put these in the dishwasher though. Wash by hand, so it will last for years.

Bombillas are the most amazing invention. While most North Americans have never heard of one, it has been a kitchen staple in South America for centuries. Our bombillas are handmade from the finest materials. They are all one piece so they will last decades with good care. These are dishwasher safe and can be washed with soap and a gentle brush.

3-Piece Yerba Mate Gift Set
$39.00 $45.00

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