You need a canister if you want to enjoy yerba mate. Stop making a mess while pouring yerba into your mate. These amazing containers will last decades with proper care and will save you plenty of headaches.

You don't be behind the times! Do you have a "bag" of yerba on your shelf? Upgrade to one of these amazing canisters. They are made out of stainless steel and are a perfect way to store yerba. The decorative covers will make you happy to pull them out of your bag.

Small Canister holds 5.5 oz of yerba

Height 4" Width 3.5" 

Large Canister holds 8.5 oz of yerba

Height 5.75" Width 3.5" 

Here is how they work....

The top of the canister pops off and you can fill them easily this way. Once full, put the top back on and store like this. When ou are ready to make a mate, flip open the spout and pour out like this. The spout makes it easier to pour the yerba into the mate cup without making a mess. With proper care, they will last decades. Wipe out with damp cloth and let dry or wash with warm water and soap. Do not put in the dishwasher.

We want to make "infusions" less high minded and more accessible.

Elephant Yerba Mate Canister

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