Each one of these cups are finely made out of a solid block of wood. Created to last for years, these wooden mates won’t leak. As they season over time, your yerba mate experience will mellow and acquire the mellow-ness of the wood.

We are now offering a new product line from an Argentine artist Carola Lanci. She lovingly paints each cup by hand. This one has Ganesh on it.

Wooden mates are another type of mate cup often used in South America to drink yerba. While seemingly sturdy, these wooden mates can crack, chip or mold without proper care. The wood is called Algarrobo

Be sure to follow all the directions included with your mate gourd. Take your time with curing. I am currently on my 4th year with my wooden gourd with no problem.

Please hand wash these mates and never use detergent unless necessary. Try not to use water that is too hot either. You do not want the wood expanding and contracting and cracking the paint.

This is a natural product, real wood, the colors will vary, mate to mate.

Hand-Painted Ganesh Wooden Yerba Mate Cup

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