Gorgeous Mate gourds hand painted and hammered, imported from Argentina.

4" tall with feet

Gourd is 3" tall 

Opening is 1.5"

These beautiful, hand crafted gourds are made out of real calabashes.  They are hand painted with hand created Brass or Alpaca Silver details. 

SoulMate believes in being authentic. These mate gourds are made from actual vegetables called calabazas.

The exteriors have been hand painted and the interiors have been scraped and dried out for use with a bombilla and Yerba mate. These natural gourds are the way yerba mate was enjoyed by the indigenous Indians that first discovered the miraculous properties of Yerba mate. The colors of these gourds have a depth and change with the different characteristics of the gourd. They give a natural and authentic feel to the experience of drinking mate.

To "cure" or not to "cure" your mate gourd.

Curing the gourd makes the gourd more durable and water resistant.  This also helps it become more resistible to cracks and fissures.  There is much dispute over whether it is useful to "cure" your gourd or if it just naturally occurs over time.  Either way, you will always want to dry your gourd over night.  Dump out the used yerba leaves, rinse out, and then leave upright for the gourd to dry.  Not doing this important step, leaves the gourd open to mold.

If you are interested in curing the gourd, do these easy steps.

  1. Fill the gourd with used ground coffee.
  2. Leave the grounds in the gourd for 24 hours.
  3. Rinse out the grounds and leave upright to dry.
  4. Once dry, it is ready for use.  You do not have to do this again.
    Yerba Mate Gourd with Copper Details

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