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Yerba Mate Plant and Leaves

Where does Yerba Mate come from ?

A plant! Our yerba mate leaves are sourced directly from South America.  

We only use organic, fair trade, ecologically farmed yerba mate from a four-generation family farm in the state of Misiones in northeastern Argentina. Our yerba is "raw" or "unsmoked." That means that our farmers employ a unique drying method, which uses warm air instead of the typical wood smoke to dry the leaves after harvest. After drying, our yerba mate is aged for a minimum of nine months to allow the flavor to mellow.

We source the yerba from farms that are "ecologically safe,"  meaning their traditional methods leave dense corridors of native forest intact. They also use the dollars raised to plant thousands of native trees within the yerba mate groves to create shade, stabilize soil, and promote biodiversity as well as funded a variety of projects including infrastructure development, school construction, health care access, and a village playground.

SoulMaté creates blends that enhance the flavor (less bitter than the original) with organic herbs, dried fruit and flowers.

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What are the health benefits to yerba mate?

  • nutrient rich with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fiber
  • reduces cravings and appetite
  • a natural energizer
  • a powerful adaptogen which helps the body "adapt" to stress
  • high in chlorogenic acid which means it helps attach bacteria, and research has shown this includes cancer cells
  • aide in promoting heart health
  • decreases inflammation naturally because of saponins
  • helps with cravings and weight loss because of chlorogenic acids 

One benefit we tend to put on the back burner, is time to just be present. Yerba mate's biggest benefit is that it gives you the time and the reason to sit and connect with either yourself or others.  It is the opposite of "screen time"

How does Yerba Mate Work?

Yerba Mate is a powerful adaptogen, that means that it is able to grow in extreme conditions, but the plant adapts and still thrives.  As a result of this process, the plant contains high levels of antioxidants and saponins that defend it from disease and resistant to predators.

Scientists studying these adaptogens now have seen that they are uniquely beneficial to the human body.  

Using an adaptogenic herb nourishes the adrenals and offers support for stressors.  The body is then able to "adapt" to stress that is either physiological, chemical, relationship driven, or disease related.

Can you only drink yerba in loose leaf form?

Yerba mate is most commonly enjoyed in the loose leaf form, but you can drink it any way that is comfortable for you.  We have tea bags available in every blend, including our "original" blend.  

Here are some ideas to help you start on your journey with yerba mate.

Authentic Method of Drinking Yerba in a Mate Gourd (Cup)

  1. Start slowly by putting 1-2 heaping tbsp of yerba in your mate gourd (cup)
  2. Heat water to a temperature that is comfortable for you.  Most use the same temperature that they use for drinking tea.  You do not want to burn your tongue and it is best not to "boil" the water 
  3. Place bombilla (strainer straw) into gourd, in between the yerba leaves
  4. Sweeten by placing a few drops of stevia, honey or raw sugar into the mate
  5. Pour water over yerba leaves
  6. Sip water up through bombilla (strainer straw)
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until the "taste" of the leaves gets weakened (you will have approximately 3-6 "pours" out of the yerba leaves)
  8. You may then rinse out the mate, replace with fresh leaves and start again

 Boil Method to Drinking Yerba (Also for Pitcher Size) 

  1. Use 1 tbsp of blend in 2 cups of water
  2. Simmer for about 2 minutes (can simmer longer, to get more robust flavor)
  3. Strain out leaves (can use tea ball, strainer, or coffee press)
  4. Sweeten to taste
  5. Drink hot or refrigerate to drink cold

Steeping Filter Method to Drinking Yerba

  1. Put 1 tbsp of blend in steeping container (pot, mug, coffee press or other filters)
  2. Boil 2 cups of water
  3. Pour water over loose-leaf tea and let sit about 4 minutes (The longer it steeps, the more robust the flavor - careful not to steep too long as the tea can get bitter)
  4. Strain out leaves
  5. Sweeten to taste
  6. All teas can be used hot or cold after steeping

Cleaning mates and bombillas 

Glass, Metal, and Wood Mates- 

Most of the time, a good rinse is all that is needed with these products.  Since they only have tea leaves and hot water in them, there is no need for an intense daily cleaning.  Once every few days, you can use a mild soap and gentle sponge to wash.  It is not recommended to put any of these in the dishwasher.

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Mate Gourds-

To "cure" or not to "cure" your mate gourd.

There is much dispute over whether it is useful to "cure" your gourd or if it just naturally occurs over time.  Curing the gourd through use or through the "coffee ground" method, will make the gourd more durable and water resistant.  This helps the gourd become more resistible to cracks and fissures.  

Some believe that there is no need to "cure" your gourd at all.  They believe the gourd is "cured" through use.  After you drink yerba and are done for the day, you dump out the wet leaves, rinse and leave the gourd upright to dry.  Not doing this important step, leaves the gourd open to mold.

 If you are interested in curing the gourd, follow these easy steps.

  1. Fill the gourd with used ground coffee.
  2. Leave the grounds in the gourd for 24 hours.
  3. Rinse out the grounds and leave upright to dry.
  4. Once dry, it is ready for use.  You do not have to do this again.

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Bombillas - 

Our bombillas are made of stainless steel.  They are durable and will last for years.  You can wash with soap and warm water or feel comfortable placing them in the dishwasher   

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