Ingredients: Organic Yerba Mate

Description: Blend of three organic yerba teas imported from Argentina. This is the most authentic way to experience yerba mate. This is the base of all our yerba blends. Delicious by itself or in any of our blends.

Tasting NotesEarthy, Clean, Herbal

Tea Directions:

You can "brew" with hot or cold water or juice.

Loose Leaf - Heat water to the desired temp. Do not boil. (For authentic ritual use with mate and bombilla.) Loose-leaf can be used with a diffuser of your choice. Put 1 Tbsp of yerba in a container, pour 8 oz. water on top. Steep for 1-2 minutes and strain.

Tea Bags - Place a tea bag in mug. Pour heated water over. Allow to steep 2 minutes and take bag out.


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"ORIGINAL" Organic Yerba Mate Tea Blend

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