Have you ever wanted to know what was hiding in your mate cup? Well, now you don't have to wonder anymore! Our yerba mate glass cups will leave no mysteries as they are clear. No risk of mold here. You can wash with warm water and soap. No need for curing or special drying.

Clear glass mates came into fashion about 2 decades ago. An upgrade on the natural gourds, these mate cups help people not worry about cracking or breaking. There is also no worry about moldy or aging gourds.

Clear yerba glass mates that are designed to drink yerba mate.  While they are dishwasher safe, we do advise washing by hand.  Because it is glass, it is hygenic and will last for years.

This is a glass mate. It is hand washable. Be careful not to put in dishwasher. Glass mates will last years with good care. They are reusable and hygienic.

You deserve SoulMate yerba cup, because you deserve the best! SoulMate has dedicated attention to the highest quality and is sourced from small family companies in Argentina.

Clear Glass Mate Cup

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