Holds 4-6 oz water and yerba mate

These beautiful, hand crafted gourds are made out of real calabasas.  They are hand painted with hand pounded alpaca rings.  They give a new meaning to drinking yerba mate "authentically."

The way these gourds are made is that they are made up of the "bottom" half of the calabash gourds. Most believe that gourds need to be cured, cleaned, and dried after each use.

To "cure" or not to "cure" your mate gourd.

Curing the gourd makes the gourd more durable and water resistant.  This also helps it become more resistible to cracks and fissures.  There is much dispute over whether it is useful to "cure" your gourd or if it just naturally occurs over time.  Either way, you will always want to dry your gourd over night.  Dump out the used yerba leaves, rinse out, and then leave upright for the gourd to dry.  Not doing this important step, leaves the gourd open to mold.

If you are interested in curing the gourd, do these easy steps.

  1. Fill the gourd with used ground coffee.
  2. Leave the grounds in the gourd for 24 hours.
  3. Rinse out the grounds and leave upright to dry.
  4. Once dry, it is ready for use.  You do not have to do this again.

Can you receive healing from ritual? Yes! You know, yerba is not just a "drink." In some areas, yerba is looked at as almost a spiritual drink. It is a combination of the "feeling" you get from drinking yerba combined with the physical aspects of it. There is something special about drinking yerba out of a mate and using a bombilla. It's something you truly have to experience to understand, but think of it as the difference between writing with a pencil they give you at a miniature gold range, and a fine heavy, ball point pen. Give yourself permission to spend an extra moment to enjoy a cup of yerba!


Yerba Mate Gourd

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