Stop making a mess! Get a canister. Using a yerba canister is a brilliant way to keep your yerba fresh and in one place. The entire top comes off for an easy refill. The pour spout makes it easy to pour yerba into the mate cup without going everywhere. The lightweight design makes it perfect for travel also.

Pair with the matching yerba mate glass mate.

Small Canister holds 5.5 oz of yerba

Height 4" Width 3.5" 

Large Canister holds 8.5 oz of yerba

Height 5.75" Width 3.5" 

Never be caught pouring yerba out of a bag again. Most of our canisters have matching yerba cups or ones that you can color coordinate. We are happy to wrap them all together for a gift. 

Look for the matching glass mate!

Black Yerba Mate Canisters

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