How do you store yerba mate? You will need something that is airtight and will keep the yerba dry. If you want to enjoy yerba mate out of the house, and who doesn't, you will also need something that is lightweight and portable. These canisters are the perfect solution!

You must try out these amazing yerba mate canisters. Stop making a mess while pouring yerba into your mate. These amazing containers will last decades with proper care and will save you plenty of headaches. They are so lightweight that you can carry them anywhere. Some even buy two, one for the yerba and the other for sweetener.

You don't have to be behind the times!

Do you have a "bag" of yerba on your shelf? Don't be tacky! Upgrade to one of these amazing canisters. They are made out of stainless steel and have great designs. These canisters are a perfect way to store yerba. The decorative covers will make you happy to pull them out of your bag.

Here is how they work....

The top of the canister is stainless steel and pops off. This makes them able to fill easily. Once full, put the top back on and store like this. When you are ready to make a mate, flip open the spout and pour out. The spout makes it easier to pour the yerba into the mate cup without making a mess. One other brilliant part of the spout is that it has sides to take down the amount of powder that goes into the air.

With proper care, they will last decades. Wipe out with damp cloth and let dry or wash with warm water and soap. Do not put in the dishwasher.

We want to make "infusions" less high minded and more accessible.

Royal Yellow Yerba Mate Canister

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