Update - All Thermal Travel Cups now come with a bombilla! (A $14 value for free)

Never spill your yerba mate again!

If you have ever carried your mate anywhere, you know how awful it is to spill it! Wet yerba everywhere! Well, it never has to happen again with these incredible travel mate cups. The lids fit on so tightly that it never leaks.

**Don't forget the "slotted" bombilla is included with this yerba mate cup. The "slotted" is specially made to fit into the opening of the top. No other bombilla and travel cup have this technology.

What is most amazing about these mate cups is that they are great for the beginner or experienced yerba mate drinker. The beginner can use this cup by putting one or two tbsp of yerba in and then filling with hot water. The more experienced can drink without the use of the lid until they are ready to move! In other words, you can drink one or two and then pop the lid on to enjoy at a later time. The best gift ever!

Take your yerba wherever you go! Bring joy with you. Take these fun mate cups to work, to work out, to school or even shopping! They never spill or leak. 

They are made out of sturdy stainless steel. These mates are eco friendly and machine washable. They come in wonderfully bright colors. Our travel cups will last for years. They can be either rinsed out or put into the dishwasher.

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Yerba Mate Travel Cup and Bombilla

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