Motivation Hacks when you Don't Want to Work Out

ana goldseker

Now, more than ever, I find it critical to workout. I am sitting for long periods of time, I am kind of sad, and in overwhelm a lot. Getting a good workout in is not only critical for my overall health but imperative for me mentally.

That being said, I don't always feel like it. So, what do I do to "trick" myself into working out? Well, I have developed a few silly things I do to make sure I go.

Definitely, I need my yerba before. That bit of natural energy just saves me! 

I never enjoyed working out. I didn't play a sport in high school... (well, I played volleyball for a little bit because I did well at the trial, but choked during the game!) and I was never the one that said: "let's race!" I was always a full-fledged pussy willow!

But a few centuries ago, when I went to Los Angeles, I went to a gym and learned to like working out. Through the years, I have had my ups and downs with sticking to it. I would say that two of the main things that I learned is that you HAVE to find a teacher you love and an activity you love.

If I resonate with a teacher, it almost never mattered what we were doing. It could be step class, aerobics, Bikram, cross fit, spinning or hot yoga.... Did I LOVE that teacher? Then, after that, I would ALMOST always want to go.

So, what did I do on those days I didn't? Over the years, I came up with a few hacks to get my butt there.

I don’t want to work out today!

How many times have I thought that? There are those days where I don't feel like working out.  I'm tired, I'm not feeling great or for one reason or another, I woke up that day and don't want to work out.

Here is what I believe… THAT’S OKAY!  We all need rest. We all have those days where we are off. When those days are strung together though, it becomes a lifestyle. I know because I have been there. So, on those days that you have to push yourself, what do you do?

If you want to see more watch this.

Soulmate Yerba Yoga

Sometimes I have to trick myself.

I want to share some life hacks that I've discovered over the years that help me stay consistent with my workouts. Here are the hacks that I used to stay more consistent and get me to sweat, even when I don’t want to.

Gym wear is not my kind of “Lounge Wear.”

I don't know where you stand on this but I hate wearing gym clothes during the day. I just don't like it I don't like the tightness. I don’t like the binding or the tightness.  I don't like the “feel.” I know a lot of people love gym wear when they are out and about and I do wish I was one of them! 

This is important because I use that “uncomfortably” to my advantage. On those days that I don't really feel like working out, I will still put on gym clothes. I know I'm not going to hang out in those clothes all day. I know I will want to get those binding clothes off asap. This will get me to work out so I can take those clothes off. 

So for me, those clothes trigger my mind to get the workout done. I can go on with my day and not be in those clothes.

What’s precious to you?

I will leave something at the gym so I have to go back to retrieve it at the end of the day. This is a trick when I need to get to the gym in the afternoon or evening. I will go and leave something critical there.  At the end of my day, I will have to go back to the gym to get it, and once I'm there I'm going to work out.

These days, we need to stay at home, so it’s a bit easier. You see, I have workout equipment downstairs, so what I do is leave my phone or glasses by my spinning bike. That way I am sure to go down there and work out so I can get my phone. 

Get a caffeine boost… naturally

I have caffeine before my workout. Caffeine gives me energy, and the caffeine I get from yerba does not leave me with the jitters. It gives me a boost of energy without sugar or chemicals. 

With yerba, I can get that really good boost and stay focused for an amazing workout. Yerba gets me going. After my workout, I never get a crash that I normally would get from coffee.

To find out more about yerba mate click here.

Whistle while you work!

Do you love music as much as I do? I have all of my favorite music on a playlist that I use ONLY for working out. Nothing motivates me more than a Prince song. I use those songs to work out.

Things with a good beat or from my college years are perfect. Talking Heads, Sheena E, Elvis Costello, and my all-time favorite, Prince of course. My mood can totally change within a 3-minute song. What about you?

I know getting into the workout is sometimes a little bit tough, but there are some songs I can not help but move to. So, I will play a couple of songs to kind of trigger my body and my mind to get ready.

Netflix but Don’t “Chill”

Do you ever binge watch? You know, watch episodes off of a series, one after another? I’ll admit, I do it! But, I do it with an intention!!

When I find a series that I love, and am “addicted” to, I will allow myself to watch it ONLY if I am working out. Believe me, I will workout JUST to see the show! I know… I might be an addict!

I will save a show and only allow myself to watch it during a work out. The extra bonus to this? Not only will I work out but I will work out longer than I normally would just to finish the end of the episode. 

Do you have an errand you love or a fun thing to do today?

I borrowed this one from a good friend. It is called “book ending.” I use this not only for workouts, but other things I need to do but don’t necessarily “feel” like doing. (Like a difficult phone call or email I need to write)

SoulMate Yerba with Paula

What I do is reserve a really fun task to do until after the workout. I know I will go workout and then get to do something wonderful afterward. So, I will promise myself a trip to a craft store or a bubble bath.

What about you? Can you share your hacks? How do you get to the gym consistently even when you aren’t up for it?

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