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Why is Yerba Mate the Best Tea to Drink?

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Why is Yerba Mate the Best Tea to Drink?

It seems as if tea has been around since humankind learned how to heat water. The practice of dipping herbs, leaves and even minerals from the earth into hot liquid seems to have only picked up steam.

And, what's wonderful is that you don't have to go foraging, you can just open a box, bottle or bag and have a cup of almost any tea at home, in a few minutes.

But, what price are we paying for this convenience?

Some would say it's a high price. Most of what is sold in the market right now is not only less than ideal, it is actually toxic.

Setting aside sodas, bottled juices and energy drinks for now, there are a ton of bottled drinks that we should think twice about before drinking.

Bottled drinks often have sweeteners. This is done mostly because tea has a bitter aftertaste. Since we don't have a lot of the "bitter" flavor in our Standard American Diet, we don't usually like bitter. Thus, the sugar helps with the taste.

Most bottled teas have a TON of sugar in them.

The flavor "bitter" is an important one. There are many reasons for this. The one I find interesting is that the flavor bitter balances out the flavor of sweetness. In fact, if you are craving sweets, eating something that is bitter will usually calm the craving down.

Usually though, we aren't normally in the mood for something that tastes bitter, nor do we have anything around that has the taste. We usually go for sweet.

When buying something that is pre-made, it's great to take note of the date on the bottle. Any nutrients a drink might have when made will slowly lessen as time goes on.

It's always best to have food or drink in the freshest state possible to ensure that there is no mold or denatured nutrients. It is also good for having the most optimal healing potential. You want to avoid rancidity also.

This is all important because when we are talking about teas,  you do not want to miss out on any of the flavor or health benefits. I mean why spend money on something that isn't the best it could be?

Man has been making infusions since the beginning of time. We have always taken herbs and made different concoctions with them. 

What's happened in the last century though is that these concoctions have become more and more refined. We have also started adding in ingredients that are toxic and damaging to the human body.

Making your own tea infusion is best when we are talking about health, ingredients and taste. Making yerba mate with loose leaf yerba leaves is so much healthier than any bottled tea you will find.

In addition, the actual herb, yerba mate, has incredible healing properties. It is a definite superfood. Yerba is anti inflammatory, cuts the appetite, helps relieve constipation, helps calm down sugar cravings and so much more.

That's why hands down, yerba mate is absolutely the best tea to drink.

While It Might Take a Few Minutes...

I am of the belief that while the actual yerba tea is incredibly healing, the ritual that goes along with drinking mate puts it into the stratosphere of healing things to do for your body.

Sure, it might take a few more minutes than opening up a bottle of tea, but in the end, it will be so worth it.

Freshness and ingredients are directly related to taste and the effect it has on the body. Taking a few extra minutes to prepare something for yourself that improves the quality of your life will always be worth it.

To make yerba mate, you will need a gourd, bombilla and yerba mate.

Once you are set up, the making of a yerba mate is easy. In other words, if you already have the loose leaf yerba, a cup, bombilla and way to heat your water, a few minutes is all it will take.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Checks a lot of Boxes

Not only does yerba taste amazing, it is a beautiful ritual and so much more than drinking a "cup of tea." It also has health benefits that make this incredible tea a superfood.

The Best Modern Ritual is one you can do Daily

SoulMate Yerba started about 4 years ago. I started the company with my friend, Pamela Saunders.

I had been doing nutrition counseling for about 15 years.  I was burnt out, but I was tired of talking calories and portion sizes. That isn't what was important for true healing. Not only that, so many women were so stressed out, that our work together was creating more issues.

I went on a trip to visit my family in Argentina. I was born there. And while all my stress melted and I was surrounded in love, I knew I had to to do something that would meld my Argentine culture with the American side of me. While sitting around a table, with three generations, passing the mate gourd, I knew this was it.

The yerba ritual is one of sharing, of sitting together, of taking a breath, of connecting. I drink it every morning, so it is also a connection to self. What is even more beneficial is that the ritual creates no harm. In fact, yerba is a superfood. It is often called "the gift of the gods." It has been enjoyed for centuries for all the healing qualities it possesses. For all of these reasons and more, we are trying to get women to the "table" to heal, connect and share.

SoulMate Yerba Co. mate ritual

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