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What I do in a Day | Women Over 50

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I don’t always feel great.


My energy tends to be low. I struggled with brain fog and unease. My stomach easily bloats, I still have acne at 57 and have eczema around my hairline. Should I go on?


I tend towards weight gain and low mood. The skin around my eyes can get ruddy and I can have low moods.


How pretty is that?


So, for me the idea of self care is not some chic thing I do because it’s in vogue, self care is a huge necessity. If I do not do certain things, I don’t feel good or worse, I could not get out of bed.


My journey started early, when I was around 50 pounds overweight. (I don’t really know because I stopped getting on the scale after a certain time.) I had enormous heavy depression, and had spent years on tetracycline dealing with acne.

 Ana Goldseker

I want to share with you some of things I found that worked well for me and garnered huge results.


Mind you, this is not about the weight. I am done shaming myself or anyone else for being the weight they are. This is about how I FEEL. We all know, we could be any weight and be happy or any weight and still be a huge fricken mess.


These are some of the things I do to set myself up for a great day. My desire in sharing this is that it sparks some ideas in you. So, either try to do one or two of these, or take one of these steps and tweak it to suit your lifestyle. If you are struggling, see if any of these will help.


In the Morning

I start my days with a huge mason jar of warm lemon water and my yerba mate. Then I spend some quiet time either journaling, meditating, reading some positive and doing my to do list.

 What I do in the morning


Most of us wake up dehydrated. Whether it be the food from the night before, the heat, or simply not drinking enough water, most of us wake up dehydrated.


Just about everything our body does runs on water.


So, having a huge mason jar of warm lemon water is perfect for me. I feel my body does better when this water is warm. I also don’t “chug” the water. I slowly sip it over time. I make sure I drink all of it. The lemon makes my body more alkaline.


Why is alkaline important?


Most of us are acidic due to medications, refined foods, sodas, alcohol…. When your body is acidic, your stomach works overtime and health issues can arise. We seem to have more cravings.


Antacids seem to do the trick, but keep in mind that they not only mask symptoms of serious issues, they also allow us to eat foods that are doing us harm.


So, remaining alkaline is quite important.


Yerba is my mainstay. I drink this every morning without fail. It gives me the caffeine I crave without feeling overly “ramped up.” It is also an alkalizing drink.


Yerba helps me with so many of my physical needs including digestion. Yes, that kind of digestion.


Yerba gives me prebiotics, and boosts my immunity. It seriously reduces my hunger and cravings for sweet and salty foods.


So, it is imperative I have this. I take it if I am in a hotel, going to someone’s house or plan to be in the car most of the day.


It is that important to me.


I usually work out in the morning. I am a morning worker-outer. This is mostly because I am not a natural athlete, in fact, I am not into physical exercise at all!

 SoulMate Yerba Workout

So, I will find any excuse to get myself out of it. (Here I am in full hair and make up "pretending" to workout, but you get the idea!)


That being said, if I don’t move, I have a totally different day. I mean it. I am sluggish, my mood is lower and my hunger is higher.


So, most mornings, I work out. And, while the first 10 minutes suck (I am not going to lie) I usually get into a groove and finish being hugely grateful that I began.


Sometime around 3pm

I will have yerba around this time. I will also have another mason jar of water, warm if I can have it.


Usually this is the time I will also take my supplements like D, B, multi, C, digestive enzymes, probiotics, Dim…



For me, this time seems to be pretty critical and what I do during this time, sets me up for the rest of the day.


If I am off, meaning I do not do my form of “self care,” I tend to snack until dinner and then crave sweets after that meal.

 Message from Ana

The reason that never works for me is that I will usually get bloated and then my sleep is off and that effects the next day.


So, this afternoon time is crucial.


After Dinner

I will have ginger or chamomile tea.



I don’t sleep well. Can you relate???


If you are over 45, are peri-menopausal, menopausal, have kids, have furry babies or are living through this pandemic, you might feel as though your sleep has been effected.


So, I do everything and anything I can to not make it worse!


If I have a “single ingredient tea” like chamomile, or boil some ginger, I definitely have a better night’s sleep.


The warmth of the tea helps soothe my body and mind. And these herbs are settling to my stomach.


And, yes, I try to stay off screens and read a few pages of the latest novel I am into.


Have you found things that have been working for you? Would love it if you would share in the comment section below.



ana goldseker at SoulMate Yerba 




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