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What Everyone Should Know About Stress

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Are you feeling it? I know I am. I know those around me are. I know that aren't around me are feeling it. Maybe this could be the most stressful time on the planet solely on the enormity of it all.

So, what can be done? Well, we could just sit it in, and that is fine to do every now and then, but letting that completely pull us under isn't going to be helpful. What I mean is that there is a time to notice the enormity of it all, and then, maybe there are more times, when we need to put our "big girl panties" on and just deal.

Reaching out to friends and family, not only for support but also to offer help is huge. It is an amazing stress relief to lean on, or to support others.

Exercise is another way to muster up stress relief. Hard workouts, sweating, or even a long walk will go far in helping with the relief of stress.

Prayer, meditation, time alone, reflection, journaling.... all are amazing in not only relieving the stress but learning and growing from it.

There are many, many things to do.

How stress Effects Us

Doctors and researchers know that it is better to deal with stress than to allow it to fester. That is because stress causes so much damage. What's worse is that sometimes we don't even realize it, especially in times like these when the stress is ongoing and beneath the surface.

There are so many studies that prove that stress effects the mind, body and spirit. So, we would do well to address it all and at least be aware and creating strategies to effectively deal with it.

Ongoing Support

What about outside help? Physical help? Sure, wine would do it! But, some of us have to deal with those repercussions! And, chocolate sometimes does it too, but only for a short time.

So, wouldn't it be amazing if there was something you could take to build resilience and stamina both physically and mentally?

I am not talking about medication. I am talking about natural herbal relief. Did you know that there is something else that we can be doing that is ongoing? 

Have you Heard of Adaptogens?

If you're looking for a natural remedy to help your body be more resilient, an adaptogen is the perfect solution.

An adaptogen is an herb that is grown in different regions, all over the planet. When ingested, these powerful plants not only alleviate mental stress, but help the body become more resilient and strong.

They help us survive and thrive.

Adaptogens grow in harsh climates. That means some are dealing with wind and cold, or extra ordinary high temperatures and still thrive. Their act of combating these environments creates a natural compound within the plant that can help humans,

The plants that create these compounds due to stress are called Adaptogens.

Can Any Herb be an Adaptogen?

That is a no! An herb has to meet some requirements to become an adaptogen.

It has to be Non-toxic and relatively free from side effects.

It has to be "Non-specific" in its benefits

Has to have a normalizing effect on stress

More on Adaptogens here.

Beneficial Adaptogen for the Body

While there are many adaptogens to choose from, I suggest yerba mate. It is simple to take, you can drink it a few times a day, and it is always available.

Yerba is an amazing adaptogen if you're dealing with a ton of stress. You might want to add it to your daily intake.

A cup in the morning and a cup in the afternoon is a natural way to get stress relief from work, kids, and everything else we are dealing with at this time. 

If I can help in any way, if you have any questions on how best to use yerba, please email me. Always happy to help!

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