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Why CBD Tea (Yerba) is Important Right Now

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I am sure you have heard the buzz on CBD. During these stressful and restless times, we are all looking for ways to settle down and stay calm. CBD seems to do the trick in that it settles you without the "drugged out" feeling and does some healing as well.

We are all wanting to be as healthy as we can and not only survive but thrive. Everything we do from exercise, to what we put in our mouth, to the thoughts we have, and who we surround ourselves with matters.

What is CBD?

CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant.  You will not get the high that is most often associated with THC. 

What steps are you taking?

Here, at SoulMate Yerba, we support a whole food, plant-based diet. While you might not be fully "vegan, we support you getting more and more fruits and vegetables into your daily program. Yerba Mate is part of that plan.

A couple of years ago, while doing research, we discovered that the combination of yerba mate and CBD was quite powerful. The studies pointed to yerba being an amazing "base" for other herbal components in that the yerba "boosts" the healing properties.

Enter CBD

CBD and yerba will give you the "active relaxation" you are hoping for. Just enough pep without the jitters. The combination of the two herbs create a super charged healing system that will help you improve your life.

Any healing effects needed from the hemp plant, will be intensified by the addition of yerba.  Yerba is also an adaptogenic herb.  So, if you are taking this combination for stress, energy, or pain, the addition of yerba will be an amazing compliment.

Better Sleep

If you have any issues with sleep, you know how that can affect your life. Now more than ever, it is critical that you are able to get a good night's sleep in to recharge the body. If you are not getting it, not only does it affect that night, but its negative effects can last for days.

So, one way or another, we all must find ways to battle sleeplessness. CBD is an amazing option because it helps you unwind but does not leave you groggy. CBD increases serotonin levels while regulating sleep patterns.

We suggest CBD and yerba during the day and CBD and chamomile at night.

 Anti Inflammatory Diet

Many times, I have blogged about the anti inflammatory diet. I think it is critical to stay away from inflammatory foods and adopt a more healing regime if your goal is to stay healthy. 

For those that are dealing with chronic health issues, this is even more of an imperative. Dealing with pain and inflammation is not fun, and the flare ups can be debilitating. So, keeping your food plan in check is super important. Most medicate when this happens which dulls the pain but might not heal. We suggest CBD with yerba in those cases. 

CBD and Yerba both work to Calm Down Inflammation

CBD is an amazing pain killer. It is a whole, plant based remedy that does not cause further harm but works on the body's own system to calm the inflammation at the source of the pain. Yerba Mate works much in the same way.

For those that have pain and the root of sleeplessness might feel some real relief using this combination.

We suggest infused "Clean" during the day and infused "Sleep" before bed.

Nervous Energy and Anxiety

We are being barraged by so much these days, no wonder we are all walking around like zombies. The unknowns of the future creep into our everyday life now, more than ever.

Anxious restlessness is hard to deal with and can impact our daily life, communication styles, relationships and work. It can have a negative impact on just about everything.  It can disturb sleep as well as your health. 

CBD and yerba have been known to be a great cure for all of that. The act of sitting and drinking yerba will soothe you while the CBD will relax your entire system. Yerba is such a good "booster" that most can "stretch out" the CBD dosages and go down in amounts which is not only cost-effective but allows you to be more productive throughout the day.

Try CBD and Chamomile for an herbal blend that really helps calm before bed.

Why is the yerba/CBD combo so powerful?

Yerba is said to be an herbal “booster.”  Any healing effects needed from the hemp plant, should be intensified by the addition of yerba.  Yerba is also an adaptogenic herb.  So, if you are taking this combination for stress, energy or pain, the addition of yerba will be an amazing compliment.

What are the health benefits of using “SoulMate” yerba/CBD blend?

-mood-boosting properties (shown to reduce anxiety and depression)

-highly bio-available form of hemp

-pain reliever (migraines, arthritis, bruises, joints and other inflammatory pain)

-anti-inflammatory properties

-may be effective with calming mood disorders like social anxiety, PTSD and OCD.

-may be effective in dealing with insomnia

-may induce a sense of balance

-increase focus

-reduce nausea

-anti-oxidant benefits

Where to Purchase

Be careful where you buy CBD as most products on the market are quite denatured. You will be spending a ton of money and not get much in the form of results.

CBD is almost everywhere, even in the gas station kiosks!! That might not be the best and highest quality out there. 

Because of advertising difficulties, we have used another site to place our CBD and yerba products. Head on over there to see what we have. Basically we carry 

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