Why We Need BALANCE Organic Yerba Mate Blend

ana goldseker

Turmeric is an incredibly powerful herb, and there have been hundreds of studies done on it. It is so powerful in fact that now the medical community is on board with it and touting its effects. But did you know the most products sold with turmeric are basically useless? That is because not only are they not organic, but they do not contain a substance called pepperine. Pepperine is what activates the herb and makes it bioavailable. That means, the body can not use turmeric in its form unless it also has Pepperine alongside it. Isn't that fascinating? Pepperine is the herb that unlocks the door to Turmeric. So make sure that any kind of turmeric you are buying, also has pepperine with it, like BALANCE blend.

SoulMate Yerba Co Organic BALANCE Blend

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