Why We Need BALANCE Organic Yerba Mate Blend

Why We Need BALANCE Organic Yerba Mate Blend

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This month's highlight is Balance Organic Yerba Mate Blend


Why did I create BALANCE? 

A few years ago, a girlfriend came over to my house. She was distressed and in pain. She was going through an incredibly difficult breakup. At one point, as she was lamenting her future, I said "there has got to be a yerba for that." And we both laughed so much. I was kind of making fun of myself, but then I got to thinking. I knew that yerba is an incredible mood elevator. For me, it has changed my attitude around a million times. I know it has also done this for others as I have heard about it over and over.

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When my friend left that day, I started investigating. Couldn't I create a yerba blend that would help strengthen the spirit? What if there was a drink that could improve resilience. Couldn't there be a "go to" blend when you were down in the dumps? My friend could have used something like that when she came over, and I knew I could use that too!

I knew that there were natural herbs that could positively affect mood. Why couldn't I combine them? You see, yerba mate is said to be one of the most beautiful "base herb" for other herbs. In other words, what you add to yerba mate gets "simplified." Yerba mate has a synergistic effect when combined with other healing herbs. So, it means that not only is the effect more powerful, you also need less of that herb.

Using Yerba Mate as a base, I started creating "BALANCE" blend by adding "Tulsi" to it. Tulsi is commonly referred to as "holy" basil. Isn't that beautiful? That name was given to the herb because its powerful ability to elevate the mood. Tulsi helps with depression and sadness. I always thought of a low mood as a kind of "inflammation" of the spirit. It seems like the person is in a kind of state where they are retaining too much and things are clogged up and backing up. Of course, this is only in my imagination, but imagine my delight when I read about Tulsi and how it lowers depression because it is actually an "anti inflammatory."

There is so much research and positive talk about Astragalus that I knew I wanted that in "BALANCE" blend also. Astragalus has been shown to increase energy levels something that one usually needs when stressed and in overwhelm. It is also anti aging which adds to resilience. 

Most importantly, Astragalus has something very important in common with Yerba Mate. They are both adaptogens. I have written a lot about adaptogens because I believe they are one of the best tools to use in boosting the immunity and overall strength of the body. An adaptogen usually thrives in areas where other plants can barely survive. This is one reason why the indigenous folks of the South American region were using yerba mate, there wasn't much else around. The adaptogen plant "adapts" to the terrain and climate. It has been shown that when humans ingest these adaptogenic herbs, it increases their ability to "adapt." Adaptogens give you more energy when you don't have much, they calm you down when you are too wound up and give focus when you can't seem to sit still. 

Turmeric is an incredibly powerful herb, and there have been hundreds of studies done on it. It is so powerful in fact that now the medical community is on board with it and touting its effects. But did you know the most products sold with turmeric are basically useless? That is because not only are they not organic, but they do not contain a substance called pepperine. Pepperine is what activates the herb and makes it bioavailable. That means, the body can not use turmeric in its form unless it also has Pepperine alongside it. Isn't that fascinating? Pepperine is the herb that unlocks the door to Turmeric. So make sure that any kind of turmeric you are buying, also has pepperine with it, like BALANCE blend.

The combination of these four herbs make BALANCE a superpowerful mood lifter and stabilizer. If you are anxious, depressed, moody, or having a hard time coping, you will want to add pepperine into your daily plan.



Yerba - Organic, filled with anti oxidants, gives the feeling of "active relaxation"

Tulsi-Helps reduce anxiety, lowers signs of depression, lowers stress, soothes stomach disorders, helps with detox like headaches, helps reduce inflammation, helps arthritis, reduces heart disease,

Astralagus- helps in reducing signs of aging, wrinkles and age, supports heart health, immune-system boosting, helps increase energy levels, it is an adaptogen. (adaptogens are nutrients that change their function depending on what the body needs), stress reduction, improves overall health, metabolism and hormonal balance, boosts immune system

Turmeric- powerful anti-inflammatory effects, strong antioxidant, improved Brain Function, helps treat depression

Peperine- helps with absorption of curcumin, improves metabolism, raises dopamine and serotonin, improves memory and mental skills

Coconut Sugar- adds sweetness and fun!

You can use it in loose leaf form with one of our yerba mate "sets." Or just in tea bag form.

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