5 Easy Steps to Energize Your Mornings and have Ultra Productive Days

5 Easy Steps to Energize Your Mornings and have Ultra Productive Days

Chelsea MacLaren

Ever start your day on the wrong foot?

You wake up, eyes heavy, and almost as soon as your feet hit the floor everything that could go wrong does go wrong. You’re dragging, you’re groggy, you’re dropping things and forgetting everything. One thing after another, getting worse and worse. And you say to yourself, “If I could just start over, I would do everything differently!”

Especially in the current climate of the world right now, it seems more and more difficult to have a good morning, let alone a good day. 

Have no fear, you are not alone, my friend.

After experiencing this myself over and over again like Groundhog Day, I have come up with an amazing routine I like to do in the mornings. It has significantly transformed the hours that begin my days because of how I have started them, by following these small but important steps. 

It’s a system that sets up, not only the morning, but the rest of my day up for success and I want to share it with you. 

It’s an easy 5 steps I do every morning, and they are not only so helpful and beneficial but super simple.

Now, I have to level with you, this DOES NOT MEAN I have the best, most amazing, never difficult  days one hundred percent of the time (I wish that were realistic). But I do know that when I start my mornings with these easy 5 steps, I have a much better chance of having a fantastic, productive, and rewarding day. A day where I am feeling good, staying focused, have more energy, and little to no cravings. It’s amazing how simple but effective this energy boosting morning routine is in improving my days. 

Here are my 5 tips and tricks to jumpstart your morning into a perfect day: 

1. Moisturize Your Face!

Okay, first first I actually brush my teeth (obviously), but then I immediately moisturize my face. 

I know what you are thinking, how can moisturizing your face in the morning make that much of a difference? Trust me when I tell you it truly does.


My face always feels tight and dry right when I wake up in the morning, so when I put a little warm water and something creamy and soothing on my face I feel fresh and alive. A sensation I now crave every morning and once you start doing this first step you will too.

Now, you might be asking what kind of moisturizer?

Absolutely any cream for day or night that is for your face. The brand doesn’t matter, whatever works the best with your skin. But I do also add an oil to the moisturizer for some extra hydration and softness. My preference is sesame oil but you can also use coconut oil, if that’s what you have on hand, or any other kind of vegetable oil.

I also make my own cream at times. In a pot I melt down these three ingredients:

shea butter

cocoa butter

coconut oil

I melt these on super low heat. Once liquified, I stir a little and then I pour in sesame oil. How much you ask? Well, it depends. You see, if you put in more cocoa butter, the cream will turn out harder than if you put in more shea butter. So, start with a cup of each and then play with it.

Put that pot in the refrigerator for about 4 hours or until it turns solid. Then, with a hand held mixer, blend away. It will whip up the concoction into a white creamy yumminess. I scoop this into some containers and keep them in my bathroom. I use this on my face and body when I get out of the shower.

In addition to it feeling even more refreshing and soothing, I also find that the oil locks in that moisture on my face and keeps my skin feeling fresh longer, often to the end of my day.

2. Time Alone!

At first glance, this might be a step you think you can skip, especially if you are usually short on time, but this one is so important to take the time and do it, and do it consistently. 

Now that this step is a part of my routine, I need and look forward to  my time alone in the morning, at least ten minutes, and if I have more time I will take it. That time allows me to get my thoughts together, to get myself organized for that day, to check in with myself, and really allow myself the time to enjoy the calm before the storm of the day. 

What if I only have ten minutes or less, you ask?

That’s great, take that time, it’s precious and invaluable to you to set yourself up for success that day.


That quiet time where no one is asking you questions, before you go and check your email or scroll through social media, the radio isn’t blasting, and the news isn’t hitting you with information is so important to take for yourself. So you can ground yourself and gather yourself and your thoughts and bring in the morning with peace and clarity. 

It really allows me to get ready and be prepared to have a different kind of day, a better and clearer day, as opposed to waking up and running around, off to the races right off the bat. 

In those ten minutes in the morning you can meditate for a few minutes or journal or even just sit quietly. Anything that allows you to set your mind up and center and ground yourself for the day ahead. 

3. Hot Water with Lemon, Yerba Mate, and Fruit are the first things in my tummy!

To get my insides right every morning I always have hot water with lemon, Yerba Mate, and some kind of fruit.

For my lemon water--

I use pre-made lemon ice cubes, that way I don’t have to squeeze a lemon every single morning, making it that much more simple to have it ready to drink first thing in the morning. I have another video showing you how to make the lemon ice cubes that you can watch here. It’s super easy and simple and so good for you.

For my Yerba Mate--

I make it the authentic way with a bombilla and gourd. Fun fact, I actually have a company called SoulMate Yerba, if you didn’t already know, that sells many kinds of Yerba blends, bombillas, and a host of gourds to get you all set up for this step. There are plenty of sites, not just mine, to purchase everything you would need to enjoy Yerba in the morning, as well. 


I highly recommend it in the mornings because it’s a type of caffeine that tremendously boosts your energy without giving you the jitters as well as a tool to keep your mind focused because it’s a nootropic. Just like the hot water with lemon, the Yerba Mate has so many beneficial qualities to your health. Personally, it gets my day going in a positive and productive way immediately.


Last but not least-- 

I finish this amazing trio off with some delicious fruit. When choosing what kind of fruit, I gravitate towards the juiciest varieties, such as an orange or a grapefruit, because it is both hydrating and alkalizing ,while also naturally detoxifying. Three important and extremely effective aspects to beginning the morning and starting the day off right.

    4. Smoothies and Supplements!

    No matter the season, steaming summers or frigid winters and everything in between, I always have my frozen smoothie in the mornings. I LOVE them. They are perfect in every way for your first meal of the day, giving you all the nutrients you need to begin the day energized and fueled while also being completely filling. 


    How I make my smoothie--

    I fill at least half of the blender, if not more, up with fresh greens. Typically, my go-tos are organic kale, organic spinach, or organic celery. Then I add fresh sprouts (I actually sprout at home, which is super easy and a lot cheaper) and I usually freeze them so I always have them on hand. To finish it off I’ll add a frozen banana and then a frozen berry. If you are looking for another kick of energy, I also add a shot of Yerba in there too. Simply add some water and blend all that up together. This recipe makes about two large mason jars full of smoothies, which lasts me all morning. I’ll sip on that delicious smoothie and it continually hydrates me and keeps my belly satisfied.

    I also take supplements--

    A must for keeping myself energized and feeling good. These are the supplements I would recommend you add to your morning routine asap:

    • Vitamin D
    • A multivitamin 
    • Digestive Enzymes
    • Vitamine C

    And I have a few others in the mix that I have learned help me, personally. Taking these supplements every morning helps me stay consistent and keeps me on track to take them regularly.

    5. Morning Workout!

    This step almost always ensures I will have a better day. Working out in the morning, specifically, encourages me to be so much more productive  because I am not interrupted and already bogged down. Believe me, I know how easy it is to be interrupted and get sidetracked at home, but I find it much less of a problem in the mornings. So, carving out that time to get your workout done early, before the phone starts ringing and errands need to be run, makes all the difference.

    I try to commit to working out for an hour and in that time breaking a sweat, whatever method works best for you. But making sure I give myself that extra push to sweat brings on a bigger and better detox. In addition to that, it's an incredible stress reliever and for me the ultimate energizer. I have come to really love a good and hard work out to start my day.

    That's it!

    Okay! These are my 5 tips and tricks to boost your mornings into wonderfully good and productive days. They have significantly changed and shifted my mornings to a new and positive level. I hope you find these helpful and that they have inspired and given you ideas to build an energizing and rewarding morning routine that works for you.

    Much love.


    Ana and Chelsea!

    I also have a video with all this information that you can watch here.

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