5 Easy Steps to Energize Your Mornings and have Ultra Productive Days

Chelsea MacLaren
SoulMate Yerba
When I start my mornings with these easy 5 steps, I have a much better chance of having a fantastic, productive, and rewarding day. A day where I am feeling good, staying focused, have more energy, and little to no cravings. It’s amazing how simple but effective this energy boosting morning routine is in improving my days.

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What are You Making For Dinner? | 4 Quick and Easy Recipes

ana goldseker

Most of us are in a food rut.  We want to eat healthily, we want to have delicious yummy meals, but we don't want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. If cooking is a chore the less likely you're going to go into the kitchen. So, what happens? Pizza! Chinese food! Fast Food! And really, that might be fine every now and then, but when that becomes a daily habit, you're going to have some health issues.  

Here are some delicious staple meals that I make and hopefully you will be able to add some of these suggestions into your repertoire. Hopefully, these ideas will make things easier on you.

Cherries SoulMate Yerba Co.

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